Twenty-eight of us attended the first Sunday morning gathering this past weekend. It was lovely to sit and walk in meditation together and to share the Dhamma. Thanks to all of those who attended: for the active, alive “loving kindness,” which shined so clearly in all your faces and hearts. I deeply appreciate the fine celebration and tribute. This morning I read the following words in the descriptive section of the Summer edition of INSIGHT JOURNAL I thought of us, Valley Insight Meditation Society, and of our energetic commitment to practicing and studying Dhamma together.

“Insight involves an intuition of mind and heart that takes us beyond knowledge toward wisdom. It has to do with deeply understanding the nature of things, rather then with knowing a lot about them.

“In the Buddhist tradition, wisdom is nurtured by the deep investigation of experience. This involves the careful integration of both study and practice – the study of dharma (the Buddha’s teachings) coupled with the practice of meditation.”

I offer a deep bow of gratitude to all of you, especially for the returning of attention, again and again, to the present moment. “The cup of mindfulness and compassion is filled drop by drop, moment by moment;” and we are doing it together.

Peace and best wishes,



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