The Welfare of All Beings

“He sat down, legs folded cross-wise, and brought mindfulness to the fore; he did not occupy his mind with self-affliction, or with the affliction of others. He focused his mind on his own welfare, the welfare of others, and the welfare of all beings.”

This is how a novice monk, in an early text, described the Buddha as he engaged in his practice of meditation. We can see from this statement that an interest in the welfare of all beings has always been integral to the basic Dharma teachings. The Metta Sutta reminds us that this concern with the well-being of all can move “outwards and unbounded, freed from hatred and ill will.” Whether we are “standing or walking, seated or lying down,” we are encouraged to have our thoughts and actions embody compassion.

Informed by this strong commitment, the Valley Insight Sangha has been involved in social justice issues for many years. Our relatively recent linkage with the United Valley Faith Project has helped extend and direct some of our efforts. A summary of current campaigns and actions are on our Engaged Buddhism web page.

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