The new guiding teacher team

Peg Meyer and Karen Summer


We are ardent practitioners of the Dharma and are kalyana-mitta (spiritual friends). We offer the VIMS sangha the extensive personal experience and knowledge about meditation practice and the Dharma that we have gained through years of formal study and attending retreats. We are seasoned VIMS teachers.

As Guiding Teachers we see our roles for Valley Insight aligned with the model of team leadership advocated by the Community Dharma Leaders Program. Both of us highly value collaborative leadership.


  1. Sustaining the Sangha: Cultivating and supporting weekly sits. Initiating curriculum for the sangha that will meet the spiritual needs of our community while acknowledging the variety of meditative experiences. Developing curriculum for retreats. Actively maintaining the VIMS vision statement. Connecting with other Buddhist sanghas in this area and other Insight communities in New England.
  2. We look forward to supporting our Senior Teacher Doreen Schweizer to help her free up time for writing and personal retreats.
  3. Advisory Board: As ex-officio members, we attend Advisory Board meetings, which provides us with opportunities to guide and support. One of us usually attends each Board meeting. As teachers, we meet monthly with representatives from the Board. We enjoy collaborating with the Board to bring retreat experiences to the sangha.
  4. Administrative Decision Making: We assume the administrative duties that Doreen has carried for so many years. In addition to maintaining the connections already mentioned in this letter, we welcome being included in email threads of the Advisory Board teams and will give advice if appropriate.
  5. Creating a Refuge: We are wholly committed to maintaining Valley Insight as the open, welcoming community that it is now.
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