Finding Peace in Samsara

By Mike Dannehy

Oh the hell of the world
This Samsara
In the Middle East
Oil gushes
Children die
Murder rampant
This media
This News
Is fed to me
Yes I must watch
I sit
Inflamed in thought
Broken hearted
A world away
My self, isolated
My self to blame
In Samsara
There come reactions
Anger, Hatred, Rage
Lines drawn
Weapons taken
Death follows
On it goes
I will sit with this
In meditation

In the middle of nowhere
A world away
And feel compassion
For the tortured mother who saw her child beheaded
And feel compassion
For the tortured soul who beheaded a child
I will hold that compassion
Stoke it into a fire
In my heart
Compassion burns away
The broken hurt
The seeping anger
The self-full blame
My soul aflame
With kindled love
Peace in me humming
I simply ask
The cashier
How are you doing?
Look at them
Feel my heart blazing
And smile
A smile returned
Two hearts lifted
If only for a moment
This my simple offering
In this hell
This outer world
In agony
This bleeding world receives
The deep compassion
Of that-which-forms
A heartfelt smile


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