About Us: Our Vision

Valley Insight Meditation Society was created by a group of people who practice and study in the Theravada Buddhist tradition. Our Mission, and the essence of our work, is liberation for all beings.

Our purpose is to provide opportunities for the practice, study, and teaching of Theravada Buddhism in the Insight (Vipassana) Meditation tradition. We undertake to share this responsibility in an inclusive, welcoming manner as an active group/sangha of like-minded individuals by:

(1) holding shared inspirational values for mutual benefit

(2) offering instruction in meditation

(3) sponsoring periodic classes, sitting groups and retreats led by qualified teachers

(4) honoring and expressing these teachings through interaction with one another as well as with the community-at-large, and

(5) fostering a sense of community and belonging, while also offering community service to others

Meditation practice, through a wise and careful training of attention, can lead to a peaceful mind and a steady, kind heart. It helps us find our way to wisdom and compassion in the midst of the stressful, complexities of our lives.

We welcome all who are interested.

Valley Insight is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization.