Valley Insight Classes

A Different Way to Practice – A Guided Nature Walk 

Wednesday, November 18, Walk at 10 am
Wednesday, December 2, Walk at 2 pm
Wednesday, December 30, Walk at 2 pm

Meets in person; participants will be advised of location
Note: Each walk will last approximately 1.5-2 hours (and no longer than 2 hours), varying based on whatever conditions we find.

Why not put your technology aside for a time, and step outside to rediscover your connection to the natural world around you? Let yourself relax into nature’s rhythms and open your senses to the richness of trees and rivers, sights and sounds. Be restored.

This practice will be a guided contemplative walk held with a small group. The walk will be conducted primarily in silence, allowing you to sink into your experience. The pace will be relaxed, but participants should be able to walk a few miles, possibly on uneven ground. Location will be determined but will be in the Hanover-Lebanon-Norwich area.

Valley Insight recognizes, in this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, that any “public” event, even a small and outdoors one such as this, engenders at least a small risk of exposure to coronavirus. To minimize this risk, we will limit our group size to four participants, honor social distancing practices of six feet between walkers, and ask participants to wear masks during our time together.  Thank for honoring these sangha-supporting measures if you choose to participate.

Teacher: Lee Steppacher
Contact Lee ( with questions or to sign up.

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