Supporting Valley Insight and Our Teachers

The Buddha taught that dana (generosity) is the first of the paramis (perfections). Dana refers to both the act of giving and to the donation itself. While we welcome all types of participation in our sangha, we continue to depend on ongoing financial support to ensure that we can continue to offer our sits and other activities to meet the needs of our Sangha.

This past year has been difficult. As a result of our pivot to online programs in March, we’ve had no dana from our sits or retreats. We’re grateful for whatever support you can offer as part of our Annual Appeal. For information on our finances, see our Finance FAQ.

In addition, Valley Insight’s teachers offer teachings freely, receiving no financial remuneration from the Sangha.

If you wish to offer dana to Valley Insight or to our teachers, here’s how to do so.

Teacher Dana

There are a number of ways that you can offer dana to teachers.

1. Donate online through PayPal or your credit card. These donations can be anonymous or you can add your thoughts for a teacher.

2. Write a check to a teacher and mail it to: Valley Insight Meditation Society, P.O. Box 634, Lebanon, NH, 03766. We’ll make sure the appropriate teacher receives it.

3. Write a check to a teacher and send it directly to them. Please email the appropriate teacher for their home address. Email addresses for teachers can be found here ›

Supporting Valley Insight

Valley Insight relies on contributions from our Sangha to cover community outreach, administrative expenses, teacher support, insurance, and rent. [While teachers receive dana for their teaching, they are paid for other tasks performed on behalf of the Sangha, such as administrative work.] Here’s more information on our finances.

Many people support Valley Insight during our Annual Appeal held each fall. Others offer support by giving monthly through PayPal or through an automatic withdrawal from their bank account.

1. Donate online through your credit card or PayPal account. If you wish to make recurring donations, click the box on the PayPal form.


2. Write a check to Valley Insight and mail it to: Valley Insight Meditation Society, P.O. Box 634, Lebanon, NH, 03766.

3. If you wish to set up recurring donations and pay from your checking account, you can set up automatic payments to Valley Insight from your checking account that would be sent to Valley Insight Meditation Society, P.O. Box 634, Lebanon, NH, 03766. Or you can pay by automatic payments to our bank account (ACH). If you’re interested in this option, please email us at:

Valley Insight Meditation Society is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Donations are tax deductible.

With metta,
VIMS Board of Directors
Suzanne Champlin (treasurer), Suzanne McGilvray, Mindy Schorr, Gina Sonne (vice- president), Michael Stoner (president)