Teacher Dana During Covid-19

As we all know, it’s the custom in the Insight tradition for teachers to offer their insights and wisdom freely. Those who are moved by the teachings offer dana with gratitude. Valley Insight has operated this way since its founding. 

Two months ago, if you wished to offer dana to one of Valley Insight’s teachers, you’d just drop it in the dana box at one of our sits.  Since we’ve moved our sits and other programs online, there’s no dana box. And people have asked how to offer dana to our teachers, who are still organizing reading material, leading sits via Zoom, a tool that was unfamiliar to them a month ago. 

We believe we’ve come up with a system that allows individuals to continue to offer dana to our teachers and to do so when they are moved: once a week, once a month or in a lump sum at any time. We’ve tried to make this as simple as possible. 

Here’s how it will work: from now until July 1, all contributions received through Valley Insight’s “Donate” link below will be considered to be dana for the teachers. When you want to offer dana, you can click on that link and offer it, just like you would in a dana box at a sit, though you’ll be using a credit card or PayPal to complete your contribution.  Contributions will still be anonymous.  

We will pool all contributions and divide them equally among our three teachers — Peg Meyer, Doreen Schweizer, and Karen Summer. 

If you wish to give dana to an individual teacher, please make arrangements directly with her.

By July, we’ll have a better sense of whether we’ll continue our online sits or re-institute our in-person gatherings, and we’ll revisit how we collect and offer dana to the teachers.

Support Valley Insight

The Buddha taught that dana (generosity) is the first of the paramis (perfections). Dana refers to both the act of giving and to the donation itself. While we welcome all types of participation in our sangha, we continue to depend on ongoing financial support to ensure that current activities and growth will continue. As noted above, all contributions received through July 1 will be considered to be dana for our teachers. Thank you for your interest and support.

With metta,
VIMS Board of Directors
Suzanne Champlin (treasurer), Suzanne McGilvray, Mindy Schorr, Gina Sonne (vice- president), Michael Stoner (president)