Resources from Valley Insight teachers

These resources were created by Valley Insight teachers.

  • Self-Guided Nature Meditation Walk: Lee Steppacher, an Upper Valley resident and trained Awake in the Wild meditation teacher, offers this guided meditation. Similar to a self-guided tour of a museum, this audio file can be downloaded to your phone and accompany you on a walk. You can walk wherever you like, and because you can turn  the audio on and off,  you can make the walk as long or as short as you like. Lee leads periodic guided nature walks: to be informed about them, please email her
  • Karen Summer, Valley Insight’s guiding teacher, offered suggestions for organizing and conducting an at-home retreat during a workshop in August. Read/download it here [pdf].

Newsletter/Dhamma Reflections

Valley Insight’s newsletter is published monthly. You’ll find back issues and sign up here. Dhamma reflections from the newsletter are reprinted here.

Valley Insight Library

Valley Insight’s library, located in the Barn at 14 Green Street in Lebanon has more than 150 books, CDs, magazines, and pamphlets cataloged. Books are shelved in alphabetical order by author. You may check out books for a month using the sign-out notebook there. And, now that we have a library, please consider donating your Theravadan (Insight)-related texts when you’re ready to pass them on. A box for new donations is located on the top shelf of the library.

Resources for Dealing with the Pandemic

Dhamma Resources (apps, suttas, dhamma talks)

  • Audio Dharma: recordings from Gil Fronsdal’s Insight community in CA, including talks by Gil, Andrea Fella, Nikki Mirghafori and others
  • Access to Insight: readings in Theravada Buddhism
  • DhammaTalks: talks by monastics in the Forest Tradition
  • Dharma Seed: vast collection of dhamma talks from Insight teachers, plus many other resources
  • ForestSangha: portal website for monastic communities in Ajahn Chah lineage.  Excellent source for downloadable publications and talks and audios of chanting by nuns and monks
  • Pariyatti: books and recordings in the S.N. Goenka tradition
  • Ten Percent Happier: App featuring podcasts, guided meditations, and other resources from many respected meditation teachers. Founded by Dan Harris, author of the book by the same name.

Major Insight Retreat Centers

Vermont/New England/Canadian Centers & Groups

Theravadan Monasteries