Valley Insight COVID-19
We’ll share our own resources as well as links to Dharma talks and other valuable information to help us all through this crisis.

Solid, reliable information is a good way to begin addressing COVID-19 anxiety and fear.  This video by a Pulmonary and Critical Care physician at Weill Cornell Medical Center in New York is a good place to start.  (Valley Insight has to express a disclaimer that we are not offering medical advice, only passing this link on as information that may be useful for our sangha members as they cope with the COVID-19 virus and its fallout.)

Valley Insight uses Zoom to access its weekly Sits and the Dharma Hall.  All other Sites on this page are links and do not require the use of Zoom.

All Valley Insight Zoom sessions are held by invitation only.  Requests for invitations may be submitted to any VIMS Teacher.  Attendees will be admitted into a Wait Room and admitted by the Teacher.  This process has been made essential by identified security problems with Zoom.  Zoom has been responsive to security problems identified over the past weeks and has released new versions that address security concerns.  VIMS has implemented our sign-in procedures upon a review of Zoom’s changes and recommendations of independent reviewers.

If You Haven’t Installed Zoom Here Are Installation Instructions
How To Install Zoom and Join a Zoom Meeting
Using Valley Insight’s Online Dharma Hall

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Now, Here Are Some Other Helpful, Even Illuminating, Opportunities

Oren Jay Sofer on The Utility of Hope – 10% Happier.

Gil Fronsdal is offering a guided meditation and a dharma talk weekdays at 10:00 am EST via YouTube. Beginning May 4th his talks will focus on The Four Noble Truths.  You can join the IMC livestream here.  And, previous talks here.  All IMC archived meditations and talks are also available, including a dharma talk on “Dharma in Challenging Times.”  Gil’s archived dharma talks are available here.

The LA Times has a Guide to Staying Sane in These Times, a thoughtful collection of Times articles

Just a little perspective.  This is love

IMS is offering Loving Kindness Meditation on the IMS YouTube Page to help connect our community during this challenging period. All are encouraged to join in and support your fellow meditators, some of whom may be suffering with worry, stress, or health concern.  Click the links below to view recent meditations and reflections.

Jack Kornfield in The New York Times, Things Keep Getting Scarier

Gil Fronsdal Caring For Self and Others in The Time of Covid-19 and a host of other Teachers talks Offered by YouTube and ‘pushed out’ to its users, Monday Morning April 6th.

Practicing in a Pandemic – Six new teachings on how to find compassion and equanimity in a time of great uncertainty – Tricycle Magazine

Pandemic Care Resources – compiled on Tara Brach’s website

Dan Harris hosts a daily guided meditation with experienced and well-known meditators on Ten Percent Happier LIVE. Sessions, held weekdays at 3 PM EST, are free. Access it here

The Bodhisattva Response to Coronavirus – Jack Kornfield

Judson Brewer’s article published in the NYTimes on March 13

Insight Timer blogpost with helpful tips and guided meditation

Cambridge Insight is going virtual with their Wednesday evening sits/dharma talk. You can get the link on their home page.

Yael Shy is the author of What Now? Meditation for Your 20’s and Beyond and the Senior Director of NYU’s Office of Global Spiritual Life and MindfulNYU.

Barre Center for Buddhist Studies – A Daily Guided Meditation With Bill and Susan Morgan – Daily 10:30 to 11:15 am

Ajan Amaro
Dhamma Reflections, Heavenly Messages
Amaravati Buddhist Monastery for 03/22/2020

How To Meditate Outdoors With The New York Times

‘And Now For Something Completely Different’  (Maximize the YouTube Window Once You Are In There)

‘Somewhat Zen-Like, Pure Inspiration’ (Maximize the YouTube Window Once You Are in There)