Dharma Study Scholarship Fund

The Valley Insight Dharma Study Scholarship Fund was established by Doreen Schweizer, Valley Insight’s founding teacher, when she stepped down from the role of Guiding Teacher in November 2017.

The Fund is intended to affirm and nurture our sangha’s ongoing connection to the Buddhadharma as understood in the Insight and Early Buddhist traditions. Although originally and primarily designed for those needing financial support to attend programs at the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies in Massachusetts, requests for financial aid with other study and practice venues in this tradition will be considered by the review committee. Programs can be residential, online, or self-study. Since Valley Insight already offers full financial support to the retreats and other programs that it sponsors, this Scholarship Fund is not used for that purpose.

A committee consisting of Doreen Schweizer (Guiding Teacher Emeritus); the current Guiding Teacher of Valley Insight; and the current Valley Insight Board President will review applications and make decisions about awarding scholarships.

How to Apply

Applicants should send an initial email to one or more of the Review Committee describing the program they are interested in attending and the teacher(s) involved. The scholarship is intended to be used for expenses such as tuition, books, travel, etc., but not for teacher dana. We believe that the dana practice is one that is between the student and the teacher; it is based, not on a specific required amount, but more on a heart-felt relationship informed and balanced by the student’s own financial situation. We’ll respond to your request in a timely manner.


The committee members will not disclose the names of scholarship recipients. However, unless the recipient objects, Valley Insight reserves the right to publish the names of the programs,  their teachers, and the hosting institutions that scholarship funds have been used to support.

Responsibilities of Scholarship Recipients

Recipients first and foremost are encouraged to attend and participate in the program as described. If they are unable to attend or have to drop out for any reason, Valley Insight asks that any refunded monies be returned to the Scholarship Fund, except for non-refunded amounts, which we will cover. Although Valley Insight will not identify scholarship recipients by name, they are free to identify themselves. And, if so moved, we would appreciate that recipients share their experience and learning with the Valley Insight Sangha in some way – perhaps in a talk and discussion with one or more of our practice groups or in a short article for our monthly newsletter. However, this is not a requirement.