Volunteer Opportunities

The practice of generosity is two-fold: it connects us both to others and to ourselves. Giving creates a relationship between the giver and the receiver. It helps us to learn about the nature of relationships. Through the practice of generosity, we begin to see where we hold back and where we feel fear.

Of course, generosity is not just about giving money or material things. We can be generous with our time, our kindness, and our receptivity. Because giving involves letting go, it develops our capacity to relinquish clinging. It also helps us to develop qualities of the heart such as kindness, compassion, and warmth.

Sangha Support

All of us have undoubtedly been the recipients of care at some point in our lives, and all of have provided care. To be engaged with others in a caring way is an important part of being human. Caring is actually good for our emotional and physical health and is conducive to harmonious societies. If you want to learn more about deepening friendship within our Valley Insight community, please contact us and let us know.

Whatever you do, take time to feel the effects of giving in your mind and heart. Notice how it feels to be anonymous in your giving and notice how it feels to be named. There isn’t a right way in this respect. Just keep noticing intention and how it feels in the heart.
Remember: “When you walk in the mist you get wet.”  ~Dogen   Feel the moisture!

A Range of Volunteer Opportunities

  • Come to a sitting group or retreat and join us in “practicing peace”
  • Contact us to sign up for our mailing list and receive monthly e-newsletters for information and inspiration on living a wakeful, compassionate life
  • Help set up or clean up at our weekly Monday and Tuesday sits.
  • Serve on the advisory board
  • Join one of the teams – Communications/Publicity, Retreats, Finance, Support Sangha
  • Help with organizational details such as maintaining a mailing list or assisting with organizing events
  • Support our teachers financially in their work of teaching, writing and guiding the organization
  • Support the prison sangha with a contribution ear-marked to help pay for gas used by the volunteers who make the monthly drive to Berlin, New Hampshire (2.5 hours each way).
  • Be creative! Tell us another way you can give

Join one of our teams

Some people participate in Valley Insight by attending sitting groups or retreats or by receiving our monthly e-newsletter. Others volunteer their time through involvement with our teams as described here:

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